How I work

"You cannot solve a problem with the same conciousness that created it"

Albert Einstein

I work with people in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to find practical solutions to their problems.

My one to one sessions are a full hour (as opposed to 50 minutes) as I have found it is often in the last 10 minutes that we find the clarity.

Some people come for a one off session, while others prefer to come on an ongoing basis.  In our first session we'll discuss the particular results you'd like to achieve and work out a plan.  Sometimes very gentle changes can create major shifts. 

My workshops are an hour a week for 6 weeks and some of the topics we cover are:

The practical benefits of Mindfulness and meditation

The mind/body connection and how Mindfulness changes our physiology

How our beliefs and conditioning affect our reality

How stress works and how Mindfulness can help alleviate stress

How to live to a fuller potential by working with the mind instead of against it

Experiential meditation training

Practical processes to removing blocks and changing perspective.

Much of the information I use in the workshops is also integrated into our one to one sessions.